I'm Marcin
See the world that it really is, not we think it is


My name is Marcin. I'm a product designer with 20 years of experience focused on UX and UI design. I know and understand people. I love to learn so I love UX. This is the area I can learn new things all the time. I have big experience in training too. And also some scientific background.

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My skills

User Experience
Information Architecture
UI design
Adobe Photopshop

How I got here

I made my first website over 20 years ago. Since then I have been learning all the time. I have designed and developed over 500 sites for individuals, companies and international corporations. I know and understand people as an educator, scoutmaster, certified coach, trainer and certified UX designer now.


I have extensive experience in understanding people and their needs, as well as in designing and building websites and interfaces (over 500 made). I have dealt with the front end and back end so I understand the production, developing process. I have also built teams of specialists, I trained them and organized their work. I have negotiated with clients too. I understand business processes.

What others consider a weakness I use as a competitive advantage. I am very detail oriented.

I feel UX.

The process

(on the example of a therapeutic office)

1. Understanding a client's needs. And... consulting

Customer awareness is not always high. Sometimes they do not understand the possibilities and limitations of technology, nor are they completely sure of their needs. They know they have to exist in the Internet, but they do not always know how and why. My role is to advise, inform, suggest and ... warn.

2. Research

What goals does the client want to achieve? What would they need a website and a mobile app for? And, for example, what are their favorite colors? Who are their current clients? Do they offer their services to them or do they only want to acquire new ones? Who is their offer generally for? If only for locals then what is the situation of mental health in his country and city? Who is using such help? So who will be the customers, and the users of the website and the mobile app? What is the saturation of the market with services compared to needs? Are B2C or B2B services planned? What about corporate identity?

3. Context analysis of the website and the mobile app

Who are the users? What will the product be used for? What are users’ skills, experiences, limitations, needs, fears...

4. Personas construction

Based on context analysis - bio, demography, needs, motivations/goals, frustrations, and limitations. Scenario construction.

  • managers, mostly women
  • private entrepreneurs, rather men
  • assistants (occasionally)
  • seniors (occasionally)
  • professionally active
  • students (sporadically)
  • children and teenagers (no)

5. Wireframes, prototypes

6. UI project

7. Mockups

8. Tests/evaluations/modifications...

Here is the part, you are the most interested in:

therapeutic office project requirements
personas: manager    Googlebot
therapeutic office: mobile    app
hotel booking: mobile    web    app