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Marcin Wysmułek

About me

I’m UI designer, webdesigner, and webdeveloper since 1996. I designed and created over 500 websites from scratch to the very end. For small and big companies, and for international corporations. And many (many) other interfaces for different needs - apps, mobile apps, and so on. For almost thirteen years I was webdesigner and front end developer in Polish Press Agency.

I designed several visuals, key visuals, logos... But I rather prefer other kind of work.

I'm also an author of few OpenSource applications. For example SmodCMS with my own technology OpenSmod - you can connect SmodCMS's management panel to any website or build brand new one in minutes.

I know much about people. I'm a pedagogue (master of science), certified life coach, instructor, certified hypnotherapist, certified biotherapist... I have created my own training method. Wrote the book about team building. And few others also.

About two years ago I burnout and dropped everything. I tried to live my life… Went to China for four moths to learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong – it is great.

Now I’m back, I have my passion back again. Learning new things…


I love mountains, books, scuba diving, parachuting and good stories... There are so many things to learn in stories. I love to learn. I practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Here is my part of Behance.

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